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Outdoor Security Lighting

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Home Security Lighting Basics

If you're looking to improve safety and your ability to monitor your property at night, home security lighting is absolutely essential. Designed with such features as timers, motion sensors or detectors, and tamper-proof features to trip the lights on when needed, these fixtures are a very effective preventive measure against intrusions and burglary.

Here are a few things to consider for your outdoor security lighting plan:

  • Keep lights out of reach - the harder it is for would-be criminals to reach your lights, the harder it is for them to tamper or disable them.

  • Brighter isn't always better - Use multiple lamps of medium brightness rather than one bright lamp to reduce potential glare and provide the added assurance of back-up lighting, should one fixture need bulb replacement.

  • Choose long lasting LED - With a lifespan much longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs, LEDs eliminate the hassle of replacing bulbs. Plus they're much more energy efficient!

Begin your security lighting project by diagramming your property to find the most effective placement and identify potential hard-to-reach spots. Start with high traffic areas such as walkways, doors, and carports, to make sure the places you frequent are bright and secure. You may choose decorative designs for these highly visible areas, but when it's time to really beef up home security, flood lights are the best option for their brightness and wide coverage, making them perfect for the back and sides of the house. For more advice, just give us a call to speak to one of our design specialists 7 days a week.

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